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Australia Kanda 2020 Nepali

Australia Kanda 2020 Nepali

Australia Kanda 2020 Nepali This time the social network has been lifted by the Australian scandal! Gaiagui of Australia Scandal started on Sunday morning, January 5th, so that the airport scandal of Faith Raut was immediately forgotten! The scandal came through various channels in the inbox of many over the course of 4 hours through an ear shop! What is the reality of the Australian scandal that is scouring such as social networks? Today with this video I have tried to show how Nepalese “run in the air”!

Australia Kanda 2020 Nepali Link

Fast forward to this scandal that started appearing on Sunday, January 20, at around 1 am on Sunday 20th January! Knowledgeable such posts are coming from the popular Facebook group MRR of Nepali youths! Gradually, posts about this scandal started coming to other groups and pages! Such posts seemed to be a hotbed of people asking for a link to a video! Within a minute of posting, I had reached the number of commenters asking for a link

Was there a video in the video titled ‘Australia Scandal’? Why are Nepali youths so eager to watch this video? Immediately after watching a video of a Nepali-looking young woman and a foreigner, the Nepali people went viral with the name Australia Scandal!
Are these young Nepalese? In fact, the young woman is believed to be Indian while the young Serevilla is understood to be living in New Jersey America! They created a verified account on a pornographic site and uploaded 3 recorded videos in their own bedroom! The video, which is now going viral, has also gone viral by downloading a video called Australia Scandal from their same account! In a video they uploaded, the young woman is described as Indian! They said they made such a video to make money!

Australia Kanda 2020 Nepali Video

In one of his flower commentary on the need to make some quality videos, the young man is now the only mobile with him and after earning money, he has replied to buy expensive equipment and come up with a quality video!
The young man is understood to be a gamer too! He has shared the link to his profile, urging you to follow him on Instagram as well as on the network! Links to their profile can be found in this video’s description!

Australia Kanda 2020 Nepali Full Video

Someone has downloaded this video and gone viral in Nepal! It is imperative to alert the Nepali youths in Australia to such false propaganda posing above them! So Nepali youths who have gone to Australia for study are also getting involved in prostitution from time to time! Postings with names of Nepali youths appear on Australian dating sites!

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