Dashain Festival Nepal | Vijaya Dashami

Dashain Festival Nepal | Vijaya Dashami

Dashain is the biggest festival of hindus. This festival is the symbol of the victories of the good and goddesses over the demons. It is celebrated during the months of septemberoctober for 15 days. This festival is also known as Bada Dashian, Dashera and Vijaya Dashami. Happy new year 2076 gif Happy new year 2076 quotes

Ghatasthapana marks the beginning of Dashain. The 7th day of the Nava Durga or Dashain celebrating as “Fulpati”. The 8th day is called the “Maha Ashtami”. This day is the last day of Nava Ratri. Every year many animals such as buffaloes, ducks, goats, etc are sacrificed in these two days. However, the animal rights activies in the country have been continuously opposing the acts of sacrificing of animals in such a manner.

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Rongate Ping

The 10th day of the festival is the “Dashami”. On this day elder put “Tika and Jamara” (seedlings of barley and maize) to the junior members of the family along with blessing and Dakshina. The entire family members gather together to exchange their happiness and good wishes among each other.

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Linge Ping

All the goverment institutions remain closed during these festival. Peoples buy and wear new clothes and eat delicious food. While chindren are busy flying kites, the older members of the family pass their time by getting together. Children enjoy “Linge Ping”. Different kinds of fairs and celebration events are also organized during the festival. People whether they are rich of poor celebrate this festival with a great joy. Happy new year 2076 wishes

Happy Dashain Messages

I want to wish all my family, relatives and friends Happy Dashain. May this Dashain remove all worries and pain of your life and begin a new era of well-being Happy Dashain

Hope this festival of Dashain gives the blessings of peace, joy and prosperity into your life in every way and puts your world with happiness making your each and every day delightful. Happy Dashain

I want you wish you and your family a very happy and prosperous dashain. Happy Dashain

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