Dog Price in Nepal German Shepherd Golden Retriever Husky Pug Price

Dog Price in Nepal German Shepherd Golden Retriever Husky Pug Price

On the second day of the Tihar festival, a special treat is given to these lovely creatures who protect you and your house throughout the year. According to Hindu mythology, the dog which is considered as Bhairav’s excuse has been given the same place in our epics. If you read these epics carefully, the friendship between the dog and the god is clearly reflected. Dog Price in Nepal

This close friendship is maintained all over the world even today. The main strength of a dog is to protect the house, to beware of thieves, to help the police find the culprit, and to be able to sense the feelings of the people. This strengthens the emotional bond between humans and dogs.

Dog Price in Nepal German Shepherd Golden Retriever Husky Pug Price

That is why it is easy to guess why the dog is called ‘man’s best friend’. Due to these characteristics, the number of people keeping dogs at home has started increasing. Are you thinking of bringing this cute animal to your home? If you are thinking, it is better to have some general information about its species. In this article, we are discussing the different breeds of dogs available in the Nepali market and their prices.

German Shepherd Price in Nepal


The German Shepherd is believed to have originated in Germany. They are found to be used more and more in military work. These wolf-like dogs are known for their strength, obedience, and intelligence.

They are involved in search and rescue, drug testing, police, and army service, as they excel in all the training they receive. A German Shepherd who is more proactive about security can be helpful in caring for a family. The price of this breed of dog in the Nepali market is fifteen thousand rupees. This price may vary depending on the breed of the German Shepherd. A pure German Shepherd breed costs between 40,000 and 45,000.

Golden Retriever Price in Nepal


The Golden Retriever is a friendly and gentle dog breed. These dogs, first seen in Scotland, are famous all over the world. The Golden Retriever, which goes hunting in the jungle with people, is equally popular for helping the disabled. They are more involved in search and rescue operations.

Kindness and trustworthiness are the main characteristics of these species. Therefore, a Golden Retriever is considered a good pet because of its patience with the child. They are valued for their sociality, serenity, and willingness to treat people. The price of a golden retriever puppy in the market ranges from Rs 25,000 to Rs 45,000.

Husky Price in Nepal


The Husky breed, found in the northern part of the world, is believed to have originated in Siberia. Husky species, famous for their intelligence and beauty, can adapt only to cold climates. The price in the market varies from Rs 35,000 to Rs 100,000 depending on the caste.

Labrador Price in Nepal


Labrador retrievers belong to the large Golden Retriever breed. This breed of dog is also known as a ‘Therapy Dog’. Most dogs of this breed are trained to help the disabled, the blind, and those with autism. That’s why Labrador is known around the world for its obedience, honesty, and fickle nature. The Nepali price of a small Labrador ranges from twenty thousand to 30 thousand rupees.

Japanese Spitz Price in Nepal


Dogs of this species, which look like snowballs, are small to medium-sized. These new breeds of Japanese dogs are popular all over the world because of their friendly nature. In Nepal, their price starts from seven thousand rupees.

Pug price in Nepal


Pugs look different and special than other normal-looking dogs. Its small body, short, obscure face, and curved tail are what attract people. This species, first found in China, is in demand in all countries. This dog is known to be a friendly and gentle dog. The price of a small pug in Nepal starts from fifteen thousand rupees.

Dog Price in Nepal

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The price of these expensive dogs may vary depending on the market. Many other breeds of dogs are also found here. If you are fond of keeping dogs but do not want to spend money, you can ‘adopt’ dogs by contacting various organizations working in this field. If you are still an animal lover, you can also bring the puppies found on the street.




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