How to sell IPO Shares Nepal Online Trading System

How to sell IPO Shares Nepal Online Trading System

How to sell IPO Shares

Now IPOs of various companies are opening. You probably have an IPO of some company too. Now that you are thinking about how to sell IPO, we will teach you how to sell shares in the secondary market. Some lack the information on how to sell an IPO in the secondary market. So they are not able to sell the IPO they have.

To buy and sell stocks, you must first choose a broker company to trade. If you choose a broker located near you, it will be easier for you later. Currently, there are 50 broker companies across the country. Once the broker company is selected, KYC form should be filled for the broker account. When filling KYC, along with photocopy of your citizenship, passport size photo, bank account number, demat account number, you must be present at the broker’s office.

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An online transaction (TMS) account can be opened for online transactions only after filling up the KYC form. Within a week of completing both forms, the broker company sends a ‘username’ and a weblink to its email address. After clicking on that weblink, it is suggested to enter a new password. After entering and submitting the password you remember, the TMS password will be ready.

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Now TMS (Broker Company Number) dot dot np [tms (number).} can be opened by opening the link and keeping the username, password and given ‘Captcha’. Ex.

In this way we can go to order management on the left side of the open link and order to buy or sell. The transaction is completed after the order is matched. You can go to the Daily Tradebook under Trade Management to see if your order has been traded.

How to sell IPO Shares

How to sell IPO SharesHow to sell IPO Shares

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One thing to understand, if you are new, you will have no problem selling IPO. But in order to buy from the secondary market, a certain amount has to be deposited in the broker company as collateral in advance. The amount deposited can be traded up to four times the amount deposited. With a deposit of Rs. 30,000, one can place an order for purchase of shares up to Rs. 120,000.

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