Nepali Filim New Nepali Filim Nepali chalchitra

Nepali Filim New Nepali Filim Nepali chalchitra

Nepali Filim New Nepali Filim Nepali Chalchitra

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The first film of the Nepali film language is Satya Harishchandra (film). It was made by DB Pariyar in Calcutta in VII. The film’s release took place in the Narayanhiti palace in Kathmandu in 9/11. The first documentary of Nepal was made by Hari Singh Khatri on December 9, the 8th birthday of Shri Mahendra.

Nepali Filim New Nepali Filim Nepali chalchitra
Nepali Superstar Nikhil Upreti

Mother is the first Nepali film made in Nepal. It was built by Hiran Singh Khatri in 9/11. Prem Bahadur Basnet made Nepal’s first color film Kumari (movie) in 9/11.

It was only after the arrival of the Royal Nepali Film Corporation that the film was established and the corporation created the film ‘Mann Bandh’ and it was screened on 29th. The film, directed by Jai Rana, was filled with music by Natikaji and Shiva Shankar.

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The movie ‘Paral ko Aago’ (Black and White), directed by Pratap Subba, was very successful. The story and the musical aspects were excellent.

Nepali Filim New Nepali Filim Nepali chalchitra
Priyanka Karki

The highest-grossing films were ‘Mirror Shadow’ and ‘Zindagani’ which were produced in years 1 and 2. These two films were directed by Tulsi Ghimire and Ujjal Ghimire respectively. Dilip Rayamajhi, Nirut Singh and Uttam Pradhan were the main actors in the mirror shadow. The movie had a total turnover of Rs. 7 crores.

After the People’s Movement and Peace Establishment of the diminished Nepalese cinema area, 1/3 started to rebound and many films started to be produced. At that time the movie Kagbeni, Little World, I have a friend, First Love, somebody proved to be my success. Later, the movie loot, Andajaj, Chapli Haight, Na Nahnu Lane 3, Kohinoor, Kabaddi Kabaddi, Wada number 2 proved successful. Movies like A Mero Hajur, 2 Rupiya, Loot 2, Aishwarya, Chhaka Panja 2 are the latest hit list movies.

Nepali Filim New Nepali Filim

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