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Rabindra Adhikari Biography PN Campus to Tourism Minister

Rabindra Adhikari Biography |Childhood

Born on May 20, Bharatopakhari, VDC Jamunbot of Kaski district, was born from mother Lakshmi Adhikari and father Indra Prasad Adhikari, Rabindra Adhikari completed his formal Education in his own village from Brahma Jyoti Pvt. Of Shanti Pandera Gurgaon, and Secondary Education From Shanti Udaya Secondary School Baptandheum. Father Indra Prasad Adhikari was a secondary school teacher, due to which he was well-liked for education. Affiliate officials from the age of political involvement in political activities have been attached to the schools in Anwarwarsu, Red Cross, and clubs.Rabindra Adhikari Biography

He was diligent studying, and disciplined student in the world to create political awareness from the medium of free coaching class, library, sanitation, sports, cultural program, drama, tragedy. In the midst of thousands of viewers, he had performed a ‘mother’ song drama and progressive cultural program at Biblioteca. At that time, he did not only lead to the School but also in the region.

Student politics and higher education

After completion of the Intermediate, even after being admitted to the Bachelor Studies Institute, after some time, in 2042 years, the study started at Prithavarnarayan Campus Pokhara. Since the campus was interested in the politics from the University itself, the student was not only active in political activity, in the year 2044.

He was elected as the chairman of the Anera Sobiyu Prithvi Narayan Campus Committee, Swabiyu Prithvi Narayan Campus member in the year 2045, the Anera shobiyu Kaski District Committee,in the year 2047 years, Gandaki Anchal President and in 2049 in the Anera Sobiyu Central Member and President in 2053 Pokhara in Tribhuvan ASU campus rayana Central Campus kirtipurama svabiyu was elected president. In 2056 years, the officer, who became the central president of Anerasobiyu, and was elected the coordinator of the Sobiyu Council Nepal in 2053 years.Rabindra Adhikari Biography

After he post graduate in the management has published the Constituent Assembly’s Democracy and Reconstruction Book 2063. Over the past two decades, hundreds of research and political articles have been printed. Officials teaching in secondary schools in 1 year 1 year are still teaching guests in different campuses. Officials participating in various international conventions, including the Asian Students Organization (ASA), joined the role of engagement in the International Youth Students Organization, organized by the United Nations Democratic Union Association.

Student movement and prison

In Panchayat, the student movement was active in favor of freedom, democracy, and democratic freedom. Panchayati was overwhelmed by the aggression of abolition. Educational issues and demands were also associated with the practice. Today, the need for a combined struggle for the United Nations, along with the slogan of the end of Panchayat, spent four months in prison and custody at the time of Rabindra Panchayat, working in the movement of 2046.Rabindra Adhikari Biography

The center of the movement of 2046 was Pokhara .He was led by the leadership committee of Campus, District and the Commissioner as well. After the change of 046, the student movement should be focused on creative and academic academic issues, using it to successfully implement and implement it in Prithavarnarayan Campus. College building construction, campusgate, road construction, educational representation, library, creative activities, educational quality improvement, and improvement in campus students, etc. improved and improved.

Officials earning popularity by conducting creative programs such as Tribika, Swabiu Huda Library, Educational Bidding, Educational Quality, Playground Building, Honorable Examination and Honor of Principal professors, had conducted continuous scientific debate in the university. Professor of the Department of Economics, T.P Choudhary, was honored at the initiative of the honorary professor.

There are no political parties involved in education, privatization and unemployment, education and quality of education, quality education for all, and security of nationality, Kalpani March, Border Security campaign, Birduh Dam of Lakshanpur Dam, which is being flooded in Nepal and Bhujjada Paras Shah. If you want to be in jail, 5 lakh of 23 signatures should be submitted to the court Yet 33 percent of students, including the public sector has stalled due to the ease agitation led student movement is written in his name.Rabindra Adhikari Biography

The CPN (Maoist) party in politics

In the year 2045, the party, who was receiving party’s membership, was organized in the Red Guards Organization in 203 years. In 2040, at the District Party Committee, Pokhara Nagar Committee in 2046/47 and in the district committee in 2048 and then constantly active in the district committee. In 2060, the secretary of the party’s Kaski district committee was elected and re-elected in 063.

It was repeatedly imprisoned for five months in the movement against the movement of the movement and the movement of 062/63. A member of the National Council Member of the Party, the working committee member, is currently a member of the party’s National Representative Council, member of the Central Party School division and the Parliamentary Division.

Parliament / Parliamentary Assembly
Rabindra Adhikari Biography

In the 2064 and CA70 members of the year 2070, the Kaski area was elected directly from No. 3. Keeping in public accounting, various sub-committees have been working under various sub-committees related to hydropower, friction, public services, bank, industry, army, development expenditure, Machine readable passport portfolio (MRP) etc. Constituent Assembly constituted the Conservation Committee of the National Interest and the pressure of the youth and constituted the Constituent Assembly constituency.

The assembly had led the sub-committee on security and construction of the Constituent Assembly. After the election of 2070, the chairmanship of parliament was held in the parliament. While staying in the development committee, the new high priority to the debate of the development in Nepal has been successful in making successful plans for national pride and other development projects. In the parliament of 2074, he was elected from the Kaski region No.2. Rabindra Adhikari Biography

Foreign tour

Representating Nepal as a Member of Student Leaders, Party Leaders and Parliamentarians, he has been represented by the United States, Japan, South Korea, India, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Italy, Sri Lanka, Russia, Cuba, Paraguay, South Africa, Algeria, Cambodia, Norway the country has been touring.Rabindra Adhikari Biography

Politics and Development

If the politics and development of the people in relation to each other is inter-related, the official played an important role in the development of Kaski district when it was held in the Constituent Assembly / Parliament. Tourism development of Pokhara, Rural Path, Fewa Begasas, Rupa conservation, Pool conservation, Pokhara, Creating bridges, construction of bridges, Pokhara University, Prithvirainayan campus, and various schools, Pokhara drinking water, clubs and sporting areas have played an important role.

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The officer, who took anointing to make Pokhara an excellent city, played an important role in creating pioneering pressure on the construction of international border areas, Chakrabpath, Kathmandu Pokhara Lumbini Fast Track, Kathmandu Pokhara Railway, Middle East Highway, in Pokhara. According to the politics of development, the Kaski district is not only the point of view of the economic development of the country, one of the top officials of the country.
Rabindra Adhikari Biography After the chairmanship of the development committee of the parliament in the past time, he has been actively involved in development work, to make some intervention in Nepal’s development, to make some changes.

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And, he has been monitoring and monitoring the project including the last Sameem Melamchi Water Supply Project, Karnali Corridor, Bagmati Corridor, Kaligandi Corridor, Nepal-China Connecting Nakas, Highway Highway, Middle Highway, Nijgadh-Kathmandu Fasttakak, Nijgadh International Airport and Pokhara Regional International Airport. Projects are active for implementation.

Seven people including culture, tourism and civil aviation minister Rabindra Adhikha died in the helicopter accident of air crash on 27 march 2019 .Dynastic Air’s helicopter was crasshed in Chhangdal of Taplejung at 1 pm on Wednesday afternoon.

Prime Minister’s private secretary, Yuvraj Dahal, Vice Chairman of the Air Airlines, Yingtting Sherpa, deputy director general of Nepal Civil Aviation Authority, Nepal Civil Aviation Authority Engineer Dhrubadas Bhaghibya, Minister Adhikari’s PSEO Arjun Kumar Ghimire, and Captain Prabhakar KC died on the spot.Rabindra Adhikari Biography


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