Readymade Door Price in Nepal

Readymade door price in Nepal

In the current situation where there is a shortage of wood in Nepal and the demand of fast looking customers is increasing, the market for these readymade doors is continuously growing. Even though 4-5 readymade door manufacturing companies have come into operation in Nepal now, Nepali companies have not been able to produce quality goods. That is why people are more attracted towards readymade doors imported from India or other countries. Readymade door price in Nepal

Readymade door price in Nepal

There are some more positive aspects to using a ready-made door. While importing ready-made doors in Nepal, deforestation has also come down in Nepal to some extent. Since the wood produced in Nepal can be cold or raw, after some time they are likely to become insects or crooked. However, experts say that the imported doors are considered to be safe from such problems as they are manufactured according to certain criteria from the machine.

Nepalis are beginning to be attracted to imported timber doors because the use of imported timber doors is about half as much cheaper than using timber produced in Nepal. As a result, readymade doors are being used in about 80 percent of the houses built in Kathmandu. Ply companies including Surya and Shikhar are doing this work in Nepal now. Companies operating in Nepal have also started constructing such doors using waste wood.

Readymade door price in Nepal

At present, about 1.5 billion worth of readymade doors are being imported to Nepal annually. Due to the increasing demand for readymade windows and doors even outside Kathmandu in Nepal, the potential of this sector is very good. Readymade Doors imports carved wooden and laminate doors from India. “There are variety of doors such as block, one sided, solid wood, white and carved for front doors and indoors.

Readymade door price in Nepal

Customers can choose as per their preferences and design of house. It costs Rs 1,800 to Rs 5,000 per sq ft for carved doors, while wooden doors cost Rs 800 to Rs 1,300 sq ft depending upon quality, design and patterns. The price of laminate doors start at Rs 5,000 to Rs 9,000 per piece at the store. Both local and imported doors are available in different designs, quality and sizes.

“Wooden doors are expensive and take longer time to install. This may be the reason why customers are attracted to readymade easy to install and affordable doors. OST, PVC, laminate and melamine, of which OST and PVC are more popular. “ There are various designs, patterns and sizes available in these types. 80X32 inch doors sell the most. It costs Rs 260 per sq ft for OST doors while melamine doors costs Rs 6,000 per piece. PVC and laminate doors cost Rs 7,000 and Rs 8,000 per piece respectively.

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