Second Hand Scooter Price in Nepal

Second Hand Scooter Price in Nepal

Second Hand Scooter Price in Nepal

With the high price of new Scooters in Nepal, the number of customers buying second-hand or reconditioned scooters is increasing. The number of reconditioning houses opened in Kathmandu is around 500, and there are more such businesses outside the valley as well. Second Hand Scooter Price in Nepal

Recently, the business of such scooters has increased in the reconditioned market after customers started exchanging their old scooters and buying new ones. The demand for scooters priced between 50,000 to 80,000 rupees is high in the market.

price of second hand scooter in nepal

Second Hand Scooty Price in Nepal

When buying a second-hand motorcycle, you should pay attention to its initial price. Private sellers charge lower prices than dealerships. According to the price determined by the seller, check whether the condition of the scooter is good or not. According to your needs, and how much money you will spend to buy a scooter, you should make a plan in advance.

It is also necessary to know what the new showroom price of the scooter you are planning to buy second-hand. What is the market presence of the brand you are going to buy? How is the service provided by that company? That information should be kept in advance. As the dealer or franchised dealer of the concerned scooter company sells Relavel scooters, there is less chance of being cheated when buying a second-hand motorcycle from that place.

Second hand Scooty price in Nepal

Second Hand Scooter Price In Nepal


Is the scooter you are going to buy repaired or not? How is the condition? What is the condition of the parts? All these things should be checked before buying a scooter! Otherwise, you may have to spend a lot of money on maintenance after purchase.

At the time of selling the scooter, the initial scooter-selling company has provided a warranty for a certain period. Whether it is finished or not, you should understand about it before buying a scooter. As much as possible, you should get a second-hand scooter from a well-known dealer or workshop. Along with this, you should get information about whether the insurance of the scooter has been paid or not, and for how long the tax has been paid.

Recondition Scooter in Nepal

recondition scooter in nepal

Before buying a scooter, it is very important to test-drive it once. Which makes it easy to understand the mileage, condition, and condition of the scooter.

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There are scooters priced above 30,000 in the market. You can choose and buy a scooter according to your budget and ability. But buying very cheap and old models of scooters can lead to problems in the coming days. When buying a used scooter, you should also consider whether the scooter has been in an accident or not.

Shops for buying and selling old scooters have been opened in all the cities of the country including Kathmandu. So before buying a used scooter, you should go to some such shops and understand about the price. Now many online markets have also opened to sell such second hand scooters. You can search for the models you want and buy them from the online market.


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