Valmiki Ashram Chitwan Nepal Balmiki Aaahram Nepal

Valmiki Ashram Chitwan Nepal Balmiki Aaahram Nepal

Valmiki Ashram Chitwan Nepal Balmiki Aaahram Nepal

There is Havan Kunda which has been burnt by 88 thousand sages, Ram Sita’s son Lovekush has a horse made pillar, Vishnu Chakra, Sita Devi used Silauta, Gagreto, Sitadevi filled with water, Lovekush is the place of birth, Amrit Kuva is there, Valmiki has a mausoleum. , Lovekush’s school is here in all these sections in Valmiki Ashram Chitwan Nepal

Valmiki Ashram Nepal

Want to see the various items of religious significance mentioned above? If you want, you have to go to Valmiki Ashram Chitwan Nepal. We have taken down the statement of Shekhar Adhikari, the priest of the same Valmiki Ashram, as we are.

Valmiki Ashram Chitwan NepalMust Visit Places in Chitwan Nepal

The Valmiki Ashram Chitwan Nepal, a religious and tourist site in Sitavan, has all these objects of religious significance, which we have only seen in the tele-series read in Ramayana and presented in a dramatic way.

Valmiki Ashram Madi Chitwan Nepal

Despite its importance, the Valmiki Ashram has been overshadowed. Some of us may not even know where the Valmiki Ashram is.

Valmiki Ashram kahan haiWe can proudly say that Valmiki Ashram Sitavan falls on Nepali land but it is a great irony for Nepalis who have to cross the Indian border and reach Valmiki Ashram with the same grief and compulsion. Armed Police Force Temporary Board Out Post Valmiki Ashram Deputy Inspector Dinesh Shah has given information about the way to reach Valmiki Ashram.

Valmiki Ashram in Chitwan Nepal

Shah says, “When we come through the land of Nepal, we reach Nepal by boat through Triveni of Kheri Nawalparasi. ”

Original Valmiki Ashram in Nepal

According to Shah, this is possible only in winter. It is very difficult to reach the Balmiki Aashram as the river rises after the rains. Not only the lack of a road network but also the Valmiki Ashram itself is waiting for development. This ashram especially lacks water and toilets. Some time ago we also had the opportunity to visit the ashram.

Balmiki Ashram in Chitwan Nepal

Balmiki Ashram

Where we found out about the problem of water and public toilets in the ashram. Some time ago, a borehole was buried in the ashram, but it came into operation only for two months. After that, the locals are forced to drink and use the river water.

Balmiki Ashram Nepal

Saying that the work could not be done as per the master plan of the ashram, Madan Gyawali, secretary of the Valmiki Ashram Construction Users Committee, informed us about the problems of the ashram.

Balmiki Ashram in Nepal

Not only Secretary Gyawali but also Priest Shekhar Adhikari, who has been living in the same ashram for the past 18 years, also urges everyone for the development of the temple. Priest Adhikari says that everyone will be comfortable, especially if there is a bridge.

Nepali Valmiki ashram

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