Amar Singh Thapa Biography : Living Lion of Nepal

Amar singh Thapa was born in 1808 bs. He was a brave military commander during the anglo war, Nepal war of 1814-16AD. His father was also a brave gorkha soldier at the time of Prithivi Narayan Shah. He was a true patriot of our country. His role was vital for the unification of “Chaubise and Baise states”. Check this also: Happy New Year 2076 Message

Amar Singh Thapa
Amar Singh Thapa

During Anglo-Nepal war he was the incharge Nalagadha, Ramgadha and Gadwal forts. While the British general Octorlony attacked Ramgadha with a large army and canon, He bravely defeated the British Army. Then general Octorlony had to retreat Octorlony had tempted Thapa by offering the property but he refused it.

Amar Singh Thapa Biography

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He fought bravely against the British troops. General Octorlony was surprised and impressed by this bravely. Nepal had signed a treaty with East India Company in 1816 AD which is known as “Sugauli Treaty”. Due to that treaty, Nepal had to give up a huge amount of land. So, He was really upset due to this treaty. He went to Gosaikunda and died in 1816 AD (1873 BS). He is known as “Living Lion of Nepal”.