Atmanirbhar Laghubitta IPO Result Aatmanirbhar Laghubitta

Atmanirbhar Laghubitta IPO Result

The IPO result of Atmanirbhar Laghubitta has been published. Sunrise Capital, the sales manager of Atmanirbhar Laghubitta, has published the result. The company opened the initial public offering (IPO) sale to the general public on Thursday, 23 February.  Atmanirbhar Laghubitta IPO Result

The company allocated 32.625 percent of its issued capital of Rs 6 crore 23 lakh 38 thousand i.e. 2 lakh 3 thousand 380 shares worth Rs 2 crore 3 lakh 38 thousand at the rate of Rs 100 per share for public issue.

Out of which 20,338 shares have been issued and distributed to Nepalis who are employed abroad and 3,117 shares are reserved for employees and 10,170 shares are reserved for the collective investment fund and the remaining 169,755 shares are for the general public. was expelled.

It was mentioned in the public invitation letter that investors should apply for the issued shares by the 15th of Falgun . Care Ratings Nepal has given the company a ‘Care NP B Plus Insurer’ rating.

In the initial public offering, considered the entry gate of the stock market, there has been a sharp increase in the number of people filling shares. 1/2 year ago only 2/3 lakh people filled the IPO, today more than 3 million people filled it.

Atmanirbhar Laghubitta IPO Result

Along with the attraction of the IPO, the Central Depository System (CDSC) has banned the release of the IPO Result through the media keeping in mind the investors’ privacy. So now IPO result can be known only by the following method

After the results of the IPO stopped being published in the media, Meroshare launched a separate website to know the results of the IPO.

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Atmanirbhar Laghubitta IPO Result

IPO Result in Nepal

IPO Result in Nepal


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IPO Result Nepal

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