Ayushman Joshi and Priyanka Karki Wedding Photos

Ayushman Joshi and Priyanka Karki Wedding Photos

Priyanka Karki Wedding Photos, Actress Priyanka Karki has made her wedding photo public. Priyanka and Ayushman, who were legally married on Thursday (27th February 2020), had a traditional wedding on Friday (28th February 2020). Filmmakers were present at their wedding along with family and relatives. Priyanka and Ayushman held a reception party on the evening of the wedding.

priyanka karki wedding

They are married two years after the engagement. Prior to the marriage, Priyanka and Ayushman celebrated their bachelor’s party separately with their close friends. Ayushman Joshi and Priyanka Karki Wedding Pictures

priyanka karki wedding

Priyanka Karki married Rochak Mainali when she was 22; the couple divorced two years later. She appeared with Mainali on a show called Jeevan Sathi in 2012. She became engaged to Ayusman Deshraj Joshi in July 2018

Ayushman Joshi and Priyanka Karki Photos

Aayushman Joshi priyanka karki wedding

priyanka karki marriage photo

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Ayushman Joshi and Priyanka Karki Marriage Photos

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Priyanka Karki Engagement