Mahinawari ko Janakari in Nepali

Mahinawari ko Janakari in Nepali

Mahinawari ko Janakari in Nepali 

Women are becoming more aware of their health. However, in our society, women are not open about sex and reproduction. However, with the development of education and consciousness, superstitions and false traditions or beliefs about it are changing. Mahinawari ko Janakari in Nepali 

Menstruation is a natural rule among women of reproductive age group. But there are different negative beliefs about menstruation. Here are some of the myths and facts about menstruation:

Women usually have menstrual periods for one month. Some consider this menstrual period to be exactly 28 days and if not, it is a sign of danger. But not so. Women may not have a fixed day in the menstrual cycle. Sometimes more can be done and sometimes less. 28 days is just a number.

Mahinawari ko Janakari in Nepali 

Some people think that having sex during menstruation does not mean that a woman is pregnant at any time and that she is completely safe. But the truth is that pregnancy can occur at any time in favor of women who are menstruating. Therefore, even during sexual intercourse, menstruation can occur. But in the case of regular menstruation, the first 7 days of menstruation are said to be almost safe.

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There is a misconception that such a woman does not have a fetus if she has low blood flow during menstruation. But that is not right. Blood volume may vary from female to female.

Before menstruation, a woman has no idea. But this is not the case, Symptoms is already occurring in the woman 4 to 6 days before menstruation. These include headaches, hearing loss, backache, stomach upset, swollen breast or late.

Mahinawari ko Janakari in Nepali 

Adolescents do not have regular menstruation during adolescence. Adolescents sometimes may not have menstruation for up to two months and maybe menstrual only then. This is a normal process and should not be overlooked. But as you get older or enter puberty, menstruation becomes a regular occurrence. After a few days of irregularities, there is no need to worry about the menstrual cycle.

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Menstruation is a natural, regular and natural and a matter of pride in women. In our society, it is still regarded as a sin of the past, untouchable, or dirty. Menstruation is a happy thing for a woman and is also proof that I am capable of reproduction.

Menstrual periods can cause some schoolgirls to have fear, anxiety, and depression, and in some cases even depression. Therefore, parents need to pay special attention to their daughters and care for older women. During this time adequate hygiene, proper exercise and a balanced diet are required.


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