Sompal kami Wife Photo Pratibha Ghimire Marriage

Sompal kami Wife Photo Pratibha Ghimire Marriage

Sompal kami Wife Photo Pratibha Ghimire Marriage Sompal Kami, the fast bowler of the Nepali national cricket team, is got married. Cricketer Sompal has made a relation with Kailali’s Pratibha. Sompal and Pratibha are married between two-family and limited friends. They had been in a love affair for the past four years.

Sompal kami wife

The former captain and national cricketer Paras Khadka have greeted the couple. He posted a wedding photo on Facebook and wished them both.

Sompal kami marriage photo

Cricketer Sompal Kami had proposed a love affair to Pratibha Ghimire four years ago. Pratibha took about two weeks to answer. After waiting for two weeks when Pratibha accepted the love offering, Sompal was delighted to have won the ‘biggest match in life’. The same happy couple is doubling down on Thursday as they are strengthening their four-year love affair with marriage.

Sompal kami wife

Sompal kami Wife Photo Pratibha Ghimire Marriage

“It would be a great pleasure to have a good friend in life,” said Sompal, exchanging his happiness on the eve of the wedding. Pratibha, too, was very happy and very emotional when it came to connecting with the people she loved. She said in a similar sentiment, ‘Our love is transforming into a marriage. It’s been a lot of fun.

Sompal kami wife

Pratibha is born in Far West Nepal, she loved cricket. Before meeting Sompal, she followed the Nepali cricket team. He still remembers watching the T20 World Cup in 2006. “I would urge everyone to watch Nepal’s game on television,” she says, “and encourage everyone to watch Nepal’s game.

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Pratibha started to watch Sompal’s game on the field. “While working, it was a habit to see the score in another browser tab,” she says. Pratibha is working on Sanima Bank Ltd. As Pratibha has become Sompal’s friend, Sompal is also supporting her on her journey. “Whatever she does, I try to help her,” said Sompal. If not, I suggest.

Sompal kami wife marriage

They spent about four years laughing at each other’s woes. Relationships deepened. The family had also seen their love. Marriage pressures from both their homes began. “It was a long time before both of us said that our family should get married,” says Sompal.

Sompal kami girlfriend

Sompal, who is not far away with Pratibha, holds her hand and likes to go to Himachal and Goa. ‘There are plans to go someday, but honeymoon is not a plan. At that time I would be in the TU ground and she would be in the bank, ‘Sompal said in a joke. Sompal kami Wife Photo Pratibha Ghimire Marriage

Sompal kami wife image

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Sompal kami wife photo